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In 2007, I graduated with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan. After a year of military service and another year as a research assistant at Academia Sinica, I did my PhD work at the University of South Carolina, under the mentorship of Dr. Melissa Moss. There I studied amyloid-beta protein misfolding and aggregation involved in Alzheimer’s disease. After I received PhD in Biomedical Engineering in 2014, later the same year I joined Dr. Cohen’s research group at UNC. Currently, in the Cohen lab, I am working on the post-translational modification of tau protein and its role in different stages of neurodegenerative diseases and lifespan. In addition, I have collaborative research projects with Dr. Rick Meeker, and Dr. Graham Diering at UNC, Dr. Jerry Wang, and Dr. Laurie Sanders at Duke, Dr. John Hong at NIEHS as well as Dr. Anne Taylor at Xona Microfluidics. In my free time, I enjoy my time with my son Daniel and driving my car around.

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