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The Cohen Lab just published a new article, The Deacetylase HDAC6 Mediates Endogenous Neuritic Tau Pathology in Cell Press, and the UNC School of Medicine Newsroom Interviewed Dr. Cohen on the article!  A sneak peak:

Led by Todd Cohen, PhD, assistant professor of neurology, UNC scientists used human cell cultures to show how amyloid beta can trigger a dramatic inflammatory response in immune cells and how that interaction damages neurons. Then they showed how that kind of neuron damage leads to the formation of bead-like structures filled with abnormal tau protein. Similar bead-like structures are known to form in the brain cells of people with Alzheimer’s disease.



For the full UNC newsroom article, click here.

We were also featured in Medical News Today!

You can find their take on our work here. (Image source: Medical News Today)

doctor holding woman's hand
In a new study, researchers have pinpointed specific events that trigger and drive Alzheimer’s disease. This knowledge could be used to help find a cure.


For a full text PDF, click here.

Congrats to all the authors, especially the director of the project, Dr. Henry Tseng!



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