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The Cohen Lab recently celebrated the submission of two new publications:


A Dual Pathogenic Mechanism Links Tau Acetylation to Sporadic Tauopathy in Scientific Reports

Trzeciakiewicz H, Tseng JH, Wander CM, Madden V, Tripathy A, Yuan CX, Cohen TJ.




Acetylation-induced TDP-43 pathology is suppressed by an HSF1-dependent chaperone program in Nature Communications (Come back soon or contact us for a link!)

Ping Wang, Connor Wander, Chao-Xing Yuan, Michael Bereman, and Todd Cohen


With many more to come!

Celebrating publications is a tradition in the scientific community.  In Todd Cohen’s words, “Research isn’t all that gratifying.  You work for years in the lab about something nobody knows about and finally submit a paper… months later it hopefully gets accepted.  You have to take the opportunity to celebrate”. (Or he said something similar).

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